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Welcome to the RBLX Tower Defence Simulator Wiki. Where information is gathered to store in the wiki about a ROBLOX game called Tower Defence Simulator.
About the Game
Tower Defence Simulator is a Tower Defence game where Zombies attempt to walk through a path on Maps from an entrance to an exit while Towers attempt to stop them.

Newest Updates

(7/19/19) - Current Update

(7/14/19) - Last Update

  • * Bug fixes

(7/13/19) - 3rd Newest Update

  • Military Base [[[:Category:Towers|UNIT]]] (Motorcycle - Humvee/Truck - Tank - Railgun Tank)
  • Crook Boss [[[:Category:Towers|UNIT]]]
  • Iceville [Map]
  • Canyon [Map]
  • Blast Zone [Map]
  • Name Tags
  • Wave skip vote
  • Gravedigger [[[:Category:Zombies|Zombie]]]
  • Chained [[[:Category:Zombies|Zombie]]]
  • Controlled - Strike Crystal [[[:Category:Zombies|Zombie]]]
  • Triumphs leaderboard
  • Improved bonus wave cash
  • Increased walkspeed
  • Buffed outlaw and farm.
  • Buffed Lightning
  • Shared cash is now 25%
  • Slightly nerfed mega servers
  • Nerfed Boss 1, Boss 2, Boss 3 and Hidden Boss
  • Tons of bug fixes
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